21st Century Children's Nonfiction Conference:

      "EVERYONE was so open. I sat with different people at every meal/presentation and  
      learned so much. Great dialogue everywhere you went. Truly worth every penny!"

"It was a wonderful opportunity to learn the latest tools of the trade and to meet so
      many people that are passionate about nonfiction."

"I so enjoyed meeting and sharing ideas with my fellow NF Writers and also    

      appreciated how open and friendly the faculty were. I witnessed editors and writers

      sharing leads and offering to connect new writers with established professionals to   

      help them out. It made me proud to be part of this community."

      "I've never felt so connected at a writer's conference before - being immersed with

      so many like-minded people sharing ideas, lots of laughs and even gripes. I can't wait 
      for next year."

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     • What is new in children's nonfiction publishing
     • How you can use your talent to create books, e-books, apps,
        and other educational materials

     • Use your creative skills to make information products

     • Get ideas for school and library nonfiction presentations
     • How to sell and market yourself and your nonfiction ideas with
        digital technology and social media

     • Applying your expertise in fiction to a new genre: nonfiction
     • The Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards,

        and other Initiatives: How your nonfiction books and apps can

        meet them 

Faculty and Panels Include:

• Trade Nonfiction Publishers • Authors
• Educational Publishers • Illustrators • Social Media Gurus
• Magazine Publishers • Graphic Designers/Art Editors
• E-book and App Developers • Editors 
• Book Packagers/Creation Houses • Educators

Who Should Attend:

Authors/writers; illustrators/artists; teachers; librarians; booksellers; editors; designers; students of creative writing, graphic design, and media studies; publisher staff; and digital developers – whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or published.



For sponsorship opportunities, contact:

Michael Isaacs • (201) 634-1870 • misaacs@starconsultinginc.com


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